Monday, December 22, 2008

list of companies that send out coupons,etc

Tennessee Pride-promised coupons in email
Nonnis-email promised for Nonni's,
New York bread,
Old London products
Barber's-email promised coupons
Cape Cod-email promised coupons
General Milla (I mentioned Cheerios, Fiber One bars,Bisquick, Betty Crocker products, Progresso bread crumbs and highly praised them)-cpns promised
DelMonte/StarKist-cpns promised
Pepperidge Farms-cpn promised
Sara Lee, Hillshire Farms, Ball Park franks-cpns promised
Molly McButter-2 50 cent cpns
Crisco-2 35 cent cpns
Roman Meal-4 50 cent cpns
Hungry Jack-1 cpn up to $4 off any HJ product
Zatarain's and McCormick (one company/one envelope)-$.50 off Zatarains, $.50 and $.55 off McCormick
Tennessee Pride-2-$.50 off
Turkey Hill-various cpns worth $5.55
SCJohnson-cpn booklet $14 worth
Banquet-$.50 off any frozen product
Kashi-cpns for free product, 3-$.50 cpns
Dare crackers-4-$.50 cpns
Rosina/Celetano-$1 cpn
White House vinegar/applesauce/juice2-$.50 cpns
Martha White-free cpn
Steela Doro-free cpn
DelMonte-2-$.50 off any canned/ketchup/snack cup, $.75 off
Starkist pouches, $1 off pouches
Fresh Express salads-2-$.55 cpns
Entenmann's 2 $2 cpns and very nice letter, not canned like most of the others.
Sara Lee -cpn for free BallPark Franks,$.50 off frozen, $.35 off Sra Lee bread
Mrs T's pierogies-2 $.35 cpns
SeaPak 2 $1 off 2 cpns
Wonder/Hostess-2 free cpns
Silk milk-$1 "only allowed cpn offer once per year"
Nestle-2 $.35 off choc chips
Sara Lee -cpn for free BallPark Franks,$.50 off frozen, $.35 off Sra Lee bread
Mrs T's pierogies-2 $.35 cpns SeaPak 2 $1 off 2 cpns
Wonder/Hostess-2 free cpns
Silk milk-$1 "only allowed cpn offer once per year"
Nestle-2 $.35 off choc chips

Amy's -total of $4.10 in cpns
Edy's ice cream - 2 $.50 cpns plus a cpn for free Crunch Crisp bar
Skinny Cow- 2 $.50 cpns
Celeste Pizza
Fresh Express salad
Hostess cakes
Eggland's best eggs
Carl Buddig
Clairol-free natural instincts product
Cape Cod chips- 2 $.50 cpns
Oberto jerky-3 $1 cpns
Nonni's-5 $1 biscotti cpns, 4 $1 New York bagel chips cpns, 4 $1 Melba Toast cpns
Arm & Hammer- free baking soda product, $1 toothpaste cpn for Aim/Pepsodent,CloseUp,Mentdent,Arm & Hammer
Schwebel's- Free cpn,3 $.35 cpns
Mueller's -2 free cpns for pasta
Heinz- $.50 off Wyler's buoillon/cubes,2 $.50 ketchup, 2 $.50 OreIda, $.50 Nancy's quiche CoffeeMate-free cpn
BarS-4 $.25 cpns plus a certificate for $5 off any product
Zatarains's rice- 2 50 cent cpns
Uncle Ben's- sent, will send cpns
Birdseye- of one cpn per lifetime!!
Pledge (complaint) send cpns for 3 free
Mrs. T's-
Del Monte-
Campbell's- send cpns
JoseOle- $1 cpn
Haagen Dazs- will send something
Hostess- only request cpns evry 6 months(check back in Sept) Hillshire- will send something
Snyder's pretzels-no coupons
Schwebel's-free product,35 off Harvest Wheat,35 off Deli buns/bread,35 off Country Potato bread/rolls
Marzetti-4--50 cents off Marzetti slaw dressing(NED), 2--55 off produce dressing/dips-exp 12/31/08, 2--50 off New York texas toast
Martha White-free up to $2
Crisco-2 35 cents cpns
Buddig-2 free
Kahiki -2 $1 cpns off 2
OreIda-3 50 cent cpns
Annie Chun's-2 free plus 2 $1 cpns plus 2 50 cent cpns
Michelina-2 free entrees
FruitaBu-1 free plus 3 $1 off
Jose Ole-$1 off
Fresh Express-1 free plus 55 cents off
Bubba burgers-3 $1 cpns
So far 4 rejections for cpns from Ball Park Franks, Nabisco, Church and Dwight(Arm and Hammer), ACH (mazola cooking oil).
Eggland's eggs-cpn for 1 dozen free
Land O Lakes-3 55 cent cpns
Marie Callender's-2 $1 cpns
Olivio's-3 $1 cpns
Mama Rosie's-2 $1 cpns
al fresco chicken sausage-3 $1 cpns
Cole's bread 1 free, 2 $.30 cpns
Dei Freatelli-3 $.25 cpns
Better N Eggs $1 cpn
Ken's- 2 free, 2 $1 cpns
Hostess -1 free
Int'l Delight-$.40 cpn--they sent an email stating they send cpns ??
Haagen Dazs 2 $.75 cpns
Dean's/Reiter-1 $.75, 1 $.50 cpns
Roman Meal-4 $.50 cpns
Newman's Own-4 50 cent cpns
Arizona Tea- 4 $1 cpns for galloon size
Glade-one free spray
Quaker/Rice a RoniAunt jemima/Near East-$1 cpn
Eight O'clock coffee 2 $1 cpns
Pepperidge Farms 4 50 cent cpns
Campbell's/Swanson/V8/Pepperidge Farm/Pace-2 $2 cpns
On-Cor 2 free plus 50 cent cpn
Super Pretzel-2 50 cent cpns/Tio Pepe's churros 2 25 cent cpns(same envelope)
Hungry Man 2 50 cent cpns
Calssico Sauce 2 50 cent cpns
I called BirdsEye about a stir fry mix I got at Sam's that was supposed to have 2 packages of seasoning in it and only had one-they sent me cpns for 3 free products
Hungry Man's 2 50 cent cpns
Palmolive-lots of various cpns, high value
Zatarain's-2 50 cent cpns, no exp

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sending away for coupons/freebies

I'll post a list of websites and coupons I get from websites for printing, emailing, or the old fashion post office. Please post what, how you get something and I'll add it.